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Our business banking is top notch.

Enjoy premium assets management and banking technology to enable you carry on with your daily activities while you earn. We have got you covered.

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Products and services to make banking easy

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First Citizen Bancshares & Investment

At MBI (First Citizen Bancshares & Investment) We believe that everyone can achieve financial confidence And it’s our purpose to help you find it.  


Investment Policy

Asset Allocation is based on the principle that different assets perform differently in different market and economic conditions. Employing an Asset Allocation strategy allows us to balance the risk versus reward across different investment profiles.


Investors Relation

Loyalty is very important to us, and we focus upon maintaining long-term relationships. This is clearly reflected that most of our clients come to us via other client recommendations and referrals.

digital assets

Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency

Digital assets, like bitcoin, are an emerging asset class for investors. Our digital asset fund offers investors exposure to bitcoin and other assets.


Real Estate Investment

We have got you covered when it involves real estate investments. Our clients go to to sleep while we do all the hard job.


Retirement Planning

Dramatic advances in healthcare have extended the lives of people in, predominantly, first-world and developed countries. That means that without adequate personal savings and/or pensions, people could easily outlive their retirement funds.



Our Business/ Personal Loan provides funds which you can repay over one to five years. You repay the loan in monthly set installments. Whatever your business plans, our fixed or revolving business loans can help you reach your goals.


Our business banking is top notch and we help your business with the Paycheck Protection Program.



An IRA made easy. Relax and let’s do the hard work with our Premier Sea Investments. 


Find the mortgage that fits your life. Don’t worry about your mortgage We have got you covered. 


We can help you assess your needs and choose the policies designed to protect your assets.